Interested in your own bubble party?

Imagine how much fun your kids could have with one of their very own real life smoke filled bubble parties or our more traditional giant bubble parties.

There are a number of ways to make smoke filled bubbles.


In the "old days" cigarette smoke was mainly used.

These days, you have the option of water vapor (especially vapor from ultrasonic humidifiers), theatrical fog (glycol/glycerine & water), "smoke" or "fog" in a can, commercial smoke~bubble toys and cigarette smoke.



At Robert the Bubbleman we are dedicated to creating and delivering the very best in bubble entertainment.

We create extraordinary and unique experiences and are not limited to just entertaining kids.

If you are having a function in Sydney and are looking to provide a different party experience for your guests, something totally amazing, fun and different, our bubble show's are for you.

Bubble shows are no longer just a series of small bubbles been blown and floating off in the air, these days bubbles are much larger and versatile.

Bubbles and kids parties go hand in hand, and your kids will be blown away by our Incredible bubble shows, the way that our bubbles work is amazing, we have our own unique giant bubble show and we adapt our shows to any age of kids and grown ups.